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10 sales tools for small businesses

A sales process is a set of repeatable steps that your sales team takes to convert prospects into customers. Building a sales process is absolutely necessary to your company’s success, and is perhaps the most important thing you can do as a sales manager to impact your team’s ability to sell. The sales process is a step-by-step guide that needs to be followed to achieve the target. Let’s have a closer look at this process:

“The first step in building a sales process is gaining a full understanding of what your sales team is currently doing to turn leads into customers. What is the first thing that your sales reps do to connect with a potential buyer, and what is the last thing they do to finish the sale? With those end-points in mind, you can begin to fill in the blanks.

10 sales tools for small businessesNeed for sales tools for startups 

  • Knowing how to do and what to do always saves time and gives better results.
  • Once the business company knows what all is needed, it creates a professional atmosphere. 
  • You get to know where at what point does your business profile lack in.
  • It creates consistency in the performance pattern of the business company.
  • You will be able to opt for smarter ways for the sales process to improve.
  • A well-laid sales process will anytime improve the relations between your company and the clients.
  • It will provide you with better insights to keep in mind while handling the next projects. 

What are a sales tool and its importance?

In order to make their work less complicated, sales tools are used by the sales manager or sales team while carrying the sales process. There are many sales tools which we will have a look at next, available in the digital market. Different tools have different specifications and factors which makes it easy to compare and opt.

The categories include video conferencing, sales analytics, relationship manager, intelligence department, e-signature, accounts, client relations, and customer services software, and many more. With the help of sales tools, it becomes easy and efficient to follow the planned sales process perspectives.

Besides, it saves a lot of time and energy. Another impact of sales tools is that present themselves as a modern technique of the sales process. As per reports, it is noted that 47% of small business companies use sales tools for their regular business. 

sales tools for startups 10 effective sales tools for small businesses

Following are the sales tools that will surely have a great impact on your small business company-


It is one of the most basic and common sales tools. With its free trial, you can implement various sales strategies with the inbuilt resources. HubSpot focuses more on the decision-making perspective and collection of data about various visitors. It is highly flexible that any type of industry can benefit from it.

LinkedIn Sales-

Being one of the most used sales tools, LinkedIn has modern solutions with modern techniques. It has approximately 450 million users across the globe. LinkedIn helps in receiving customer leads, the option to search for new leads, use Inmail for contacting other users, a dashboard for analysis, and many more. 


Again, being one of the most used sales tools, InsideSales provides you with a wide variety of options like accounting scores, predictions, and forecasts, sales communications, web tracking, etc. InsideSales does a good job in handling and diverting web traffic. It is a powerful sales tool with email and web handling.


This sales tool does a great job in converting sales prospects into customers. It allows you with email marketing, phonic integrations, schedule meetings with other prospects, communicate with other users and team members. It allows tracking down the engagement based on every detailed communication. 


Yesware is all about providing smarter ways for the sales process which in turn can save both time and money. It is a prescriptive analysis tool.  It provides access to the daily insights, collection of data, and your performance. Along with it, it provides real-time results with suggestions and a success scale. 


Calendly is of the best sales tools for scheduling appointments. Previously, this was done by email or phone calls. But now, calendly has made things easy with its advanced appointment scheduling feature. Not just that, but it also helps in scheduling meetings with anyone, appointments for interviews, call for employees, etc.


Being the topmost used sales app in 2021-21, zoom provides scheduling video calls wherein you also get enabled to share and present on the screen. It has a limit of over 100 participants. It has the ability to conduct meetings with or without video and audio. It can be connected through mobile too.


This is an expert in CRM, but mainly for small-scale industries. It provides some additional features in the form of spreadsheets, that can be used conveniently. Along with CRM, it also offers a dashboard for insights. One of the greatest advantages of ClinchPad is that it provides all information in one place. 


Proposify is termed to be a modern Microsoft word. It can create attractive proposals in a less complicated way. Along with that, it has access to different templates, a wide range of varieties in the library, e-signatures, analysis, and optimization of the company data.


It is somewhat similar to HubSpot and InsideSales that provides numerous features for sales processes. Its most updated feature is the ability to schedule meets with the clients. Also, it allows tracking of the mails, some self-automated tools, and customizable emails for the same.


Hence, we can confidently say that there are numerous tools available for the sales process. The job begins when we analyze which one will be appropriate. Looking at the company’s objectives and needs will help you choose the correct one. Gradually, the effect may not be seen within less time. Instead, the results will take a little more time. Till then, keep on trying different tools that can match your business company the most! 


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