How to start your own ecommerce business in India in 2021?

Electronic commerce, also known as eCommerce, covers all the transactions of goods and services online. Every simple activity you perform daily, such as ordering home essentials from Amazon or Flipkart, paying a subscription for Netflix or Spotify, comes under eCommerce activity.

In simple words, anything you purchase or sell online is called an eCommerce business. Before Covid, we all were familiar with eCommerce businesses and their immense existence in digital marketing. But the pandemic created a massive positive impact on eCommerce businesses all over the globe. The consumer adoption of online shopping created new benchmarks, which were unexpected by the eCommerce businesses. A large number of companies have diverted their business activities online. 

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Steps to start your own eCommerce business in India in 2021

Decide your field of interest

The very first thing you have to do is narrow down your perfect eCommerce business layout of its working, functioning, and every possible detail. There are some tactics to be followed while establishing a new eCommerce business, so make sure you follow them. Select your business model according to the type of business you commerce.

Branding and Advertising

The next step is to create your eCommerce brand name, tagline, and logo. Do not compromise here, as it is one of the fastest things that make your brand stand out in a crowd. Remember not to set any complex brand name that should be unique and reflect your brand in the best possible way.

Registration of domain name

This is the most crucial part to do while setting up an eCommerce business in India. While doing so, make sure you have your PAN card and Digital Signature with you. After you get your DIN, you have to apply for ROC and check for availabilities of your brand name. In the end, you have to use GST and PF details.

Opening of the bank account

Once your eCommerce brand is successfully registered under the Act, you have to open a bank account for it. It has to be created with the brand name only. You can also list the products available on your website to your bank account so that you obtain a payment gateway for the same. 

Building of your eCommerce website

While creating your eCommerce website, you can either choose a pre-built one or starting from scratch. You can self-host the website if you have the expertise or else outsource to another professional. It is essential that you don’t neglect website updates.  Make sure that whenever a customer visits your website, he/she is not left unanswered.

Payment Gateway process

To make your eCommerce business profitable, you have to set up a payment gateway of your own. It will open gates for debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets, and other modes of payment via the customers. Once you submit all the registered documents, you will be enabled by a payment gateway. 


Logistics means the process of shipping or transporting the goods or services required by the customer to its place. It is one of the essential steps to pursue while carrying out an eCommerce business in India. It also keeps track of products in transit once they are shipped from the warehouse on the way to the customer. Outsourcing is helpful here.

Keeping your customers connected

It is important to look at the feedback and suggestions of the customers after the sales and delivery process. By doing so, you will hold on to your existing customers and create a positive impact in attracting new customers as well. You will also have to perform SEO marketing, advertisements, offers, and gift coupons to target more customers. 

Thus, with the help of the above guidelines, you will be all set to start your own eCommerce business in India in 2021. The only thing to be remembered is that you should have proper planning and resources while starting your eCommerce activity. Once you get used to it, there is no way of getting back. After your brand gets recognition, business activities will be more competitive and fun.

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