How to build a sales funnel: The ultimate complete guide.

How to build a sales funnel: The ultimate complete guide.

Working as a sales executive? Feeling like your team is incomplete? Here’s something you should follow- If your sales team is operating without a sales funnel, you need to do something about it—right now. Fortunately, creating sales funnel from scratch isn’t much complicated. To help give your sales reps a clear and effective path to follow, the following is some information. 

How to build a sales funnel The ultimate complete guide.

What exactly are the sales funnel?

A sales process is a set of repeatable steps that your sales team takes to convert prospects into customers. Building a sales process is absolutely necessary to your company’s success, and is perhaps the most important thing you can do as a sales manager to impact your team’s ability to sell. The sales funnel is a step-by-step guide that needs to be followed to achieve the target. Let’s have a closer look at this process:

“The first step in building a sales process is gaining a full understanding of what your sales team is currently doing to turn leads into customers. What is the first thing that your sales reps do to connect with a potential buyer, and what is the last thing they do to finish the sale? With those end-points in mind, you can begin to fill in the blanks.

Need for Sales funnel

  • Knowing how to do and what to do always saves time and gives better results.
  • Once the business company knows what all is needed, it creates a professional atmosphere. 
  • You get to know where at what point does your business profile lack in.
  • It creates consistency in the performance pattern of the business company.
  • You will be able to opt for smarter ways for the sales process to improve.
  • A well-laid sales process will anytime improve the relations between your company and the clients.
  • It will provide you with better insights to keep in mind while handling the next projects. 

Complete Guide to the Sales funnel

“Too often, sales managers build a sales process that has no relevance or familiarity with what the team is already doing” Here are the further detailed steps


The process to research at an early stage before anything else is to prospect. It is extremely important to follow this step as it is the base. It may include anything that is benignly researched on sites like google, quora, or Linkedin. 


The next step of the sales process is to connect and qualify the findings done in the previous step. Once you have all the information, make sure you sit down and sort whatever is needed and whatever is not needed for the same. 

Ultimate research-

Now comes research. This step gives a personal hand to the entire sales process so far, as it involves going through each and every data found of the business company. This makes us understand what needs to be improved more. 


Once all your research is done minutely, the next step is to present the data to your company. It can be a little time-consuming but is definitely effective. This can create more questions to answer about the company’s current ongoings. 


It may happen that the research you do may not be adequate enough for the company. So, after the presentation comes various views of the board which has to be involved in your sales guide. This may come across various other business-related objectives.


This step should be taken by the mutual agreement between all people on the sales board. It includes various closing steps like delivering the final sales plan, stating the quotations, etc. The main part of the closure is the negotiation with the final board.

Analysation and optimization-

Although closure is the last step to the ultimate process of sales, the job does not end there. The last step comes from optimizing the flaws and being in touch constantly with the clients for further assistance. This is a continuous process. 

Five less-common (but still important) sales funnel stages

Sales teams incorporate these intermediate stages into their sales processes to put additional focus on important activities, rather than milestones. 

  • Setting an appointment
  • Researching
  •  Demonstrating value
  •  Issuing a proposal
  •  Delivery of the product/service

sales funnel Conclusion

Hence, the sales process is an important process which helps to increase our sales of the company. These steps should be followed, and each stage should have clearly defined goals and objectives. The process should always focus on the customer, and customers can be very different across industries, irrespective of any type of company.



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