Top 15 Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools for 2021

Social media can be called a combination of creativity along strategy. It is all about how you target people with your actions. Similarly, social media marketing is the new course of action for modern methods of business. Social media is an excellent process through which your business can get its identity. Social Media Marketing Tools provides us 360-degree insights for our handles. 

Marketers know the best opportunities to connect with their customers. So, social media marketing is an element that cannot be missed by any of the marketers. There are social media handlers that make everything look creative yet easy to us. In this article, we will go through some tools that have a firm place in social media marketing.

15 Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools for 2021

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It is found out that only 50% of small-scale businesses have entered into this world of marketing. Let us have a look at the benefits of social media marketing below-

  • One of the basic benefits you will get through social media marketing is the recognition of your brand to billions of people.  
  • Social media marketing will connect your customers to your website directly without any middleman. 
  • It is the best way to reach maximum customers through a single click along with mouth publicity. 
  • Social media marketing will be the most fastest and effective way to communicate your brand specialty and other updates to the target audience.
  • The feedback from the customers can be easily available for future improvements.  
  • Using social media for the marketing of the business is mostly free. 
  • It is observed that only 2% of customers actually buy after visiting the website for the first time. Hence, social media marketing allows you to retarget your customers.  

15 Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools for 2021

There are social media handlers that make everything look creative yet easy to us. In this article, we will go through some tools that have a firm place in social media marketing. Here are the top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools.

Social Media Tools


Biteable, being one of the most trustable tools for social media marketing, allows you to create engaging audiences. It allows hosting free video templates, footage music, animation, studio-quality performance, etc. it is regarded as one of the cheapest tools.


It is an excellent tool for content creation. It gives you the trending content from social media, influencers related to particular topics, keywords, brand names, link building, domain name, etc. Buzzsumo Pro is the masterpiece of successful social media marketing. 


Initially, Buffer was invented for Twitter, but now it can be used for all other social media platforms. It allows you to link the chrome extensions, customized photos and videos, access complex analytics based on your performance, add team members, etc. 


MeetEdgar provides features to reshare and optimize your social media traffic with automated content managers. With the help of trending content, MeetEdgar allows you to boost your traffic and customer engagement. It also provides inbuilt URL shorteners for link building. 


Missinglettr helps the automation of creating social media content just by shuffling your blog content into different content that can be used within a year. It also has some other features that can lighten your burden up to a great extent.


One of the best features of Hootsuite is that it handles multiple social media accounts under one single dashboard for free of cost. Also, Hootsuite Podium allows you to access free social media marketing courses integrated with all social media platforms. 


Sumo has a wide variety of rangers in tools for social media and for driving traffic to your website. The social share feature of Sumo allows users to come and share content on your handle by keeping track of it. It is one of the most trusted and relevant tools for social marketing. 


It is an extremely useful tool if you want to monitor mentions of your brand, products, or even competitors. It also finds influencers for influencer marketing of your brand and responds to all comments and tags on your social media page. 


Zapier is a great tool if you want to level up your brand in automation. However, many marketers use it for multi-purposes. Also, Zapier is the most convenient tool to use for your social media marketing automation process. They also have a list of suggestions for every brand. 


It decides a code of conduct for your account that makes running it more efficient. It creates a sort of dos and don’ts so that you stick to it and understand where you lack or progress and emphasize more on it which in turn increases individual department’s productivity. 


 Bily is an expert in keeping a track of things like the number of leads, the number of sales conversions, traffic rate, who clicked on what, which product or services are in demand, etc. Bitly, along with all this tells you more about your performance and insights in social media marketing. 


This tool can give you real-time insights and analysis of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. it does sort of guesswork in predicting how your marketing will turn out to be. It is the best tool to create ads for multiple platforms under the same dashboard.


AddThis mainly works on making functioning easy for viewers to share your content with other users for free. It works for all social media platforms with customizable tools so that you can edit it whenever you want based on the response you get. 

Sprout Social

Social Sprout is the all-in-one social media marketing tool that provides customer engagement, publishing, analytics along team collaboration tools. Not just that, but it also gives you effective ways to improve client relations.


It is one of the most trusted tools for advanced link shortener which allows you to create links and shorten URLs. every post you do on social media has links that act as assets for your brand. This is what you can do with Rebrandly. 

Apart from the above, Social Media Marketing Tools tools like Design Wizard, ShareThis, FollowerWank, Tailwind, Facebook Insights, etc. are best at their work for social media marketing. Since you can see new tools rising up every day, choosing the best Social Media Marketing Tools tool is not an easy job. The key is to find tools that you think will best match the current functioning of your brand and take it a level high. 

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